Five Arizona Gives Day Choices 2022

Arizona Gives Day is this week (Tuesday/Wednesday), and I wanted to pop out 5 options for you to consider for your NP giving this year. My day job is with an association that counts over 80 non profits among it’s membership, and all are worthy of consideration.

Here are 5 that I think deserve your consideration this year:

5. United Food Bank ( Food insecurity in our community is a growing issue. the pandemic exacerbated an already struggling population of people. Because the UFB aggregates out to many other agencies in Central Arizona, you are supporting a whole network of food distribution to those in need.

4. Mesa United Way ( Your support here actually supports a BUNCH of different services, from Veterans to foster children, to literacy and more. It’s really putting money to work in a bunch of different ways.

3. Oakwood Creative Care ( Groundbreaking care model that supports the most fragile of our aging population. They say is best “Life is not over because of a diagnosis of Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, or Stroke. We provide hope, dignity, and purpose beyond a diagnosis.”

2. Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary ( I am pretty sure they have bumped over 100 abused and neglected animals that they serve now, and every dollar goes right back into the services they provide. They also do tours and you can sponsor specific animals.

1. Anthology, Inc. ( Full disclosure, I am the Executive Director here, and I can tell you that between the full event schedule and expanding literary services, your support can go a LONG way.

One Honorable Mention:

Buffalo Soldiers of the Arizona Territory ( I am a huge history buff, and honoring history is important. The work of the Regiment to preserve the place of the Buffalo Soldiers in Arizona’s History is worthy of your consideration.

These orgs have all been around a long time, and I’ve worked closely with them all at various times. Again, there are countless others that are worthy of your time and investment, these are a few suggestions. You can donate to them directly on their websites.


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