A Hot Take on ‘X’

So, it’s been about a year, or getting close to it now, since Elon took over Twitter, and I have some thoughts. Continue reading A Hot Take on ‘X’

Godzilla Minus One

Ok, so I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that this was on my radar. I mean, it is a Godzilla movie after all. Continue reading Godzilla Minus One

Happy Book Lovers Day (Yesterday)

Hey there, intrepid reader! Continue reading Happy Book Lovers Day (Yesterday)

August Baseball Post

Oh my, all my teams are suddenly fading faster than Arizona darkness in July… Continue reading August Baseball Post

Let this be a Cultural Reset… For You

As someone that is fairly creative, I engage with creative people on a regular basis. I am noticing in many cases that creatives that were very active in the pre-COVID era have struggled in the post-COVID era. Continue reading Let this be a Cultural Reset… For You

Goodbye, Sweet Angel

For the second time in as many years, I am having to say goodbye to someone that I deeply admired, someone that mattered to so many others. Someone that unwillingly left us far too soon. Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Angel

An Important Moment for Apple?

So, sometimes I ramble about technology.

If true, the upcoming Apple VR headset launch could be a critical moment for Apple. This could be the first “new segment” technology developed in the post Steve Jobs era, and could help define Tim Cook’s legacy from being a supply chain guru, which indisputably has served Apple well, to being a complete package leader. Continue reading An Important Moment for Apple?

OK, Kids- It’s Almost Time

So, I am about to embark on an epic vacation, and while said vacation will involve no travel, it will involve finishing up a round of edits on this first 12 Tomes manuscript I keep teasing and not telling you about.

Continue reading OK, Kids- It’s Almost Time

July 2022, Stuff!

Apparently I should put some pictures into my blog, it seems a little text-centric in here… Continue reading July 2022, Stuff!

Bob’s Manuscript Update: June 2022

Hi all,

Thought I would hit you with a writing update. I am 62,400 words into the new manuscript. The Memorial Day Holiday afforded me a great opportunity to punch out a TON of words, and cover some story parts I was a little lost in. Continue reading Bob’s Manuscript Update: June 2022