On Books and Selling and Tycoons- an Open Letter to Everybody

Recently, Epicstream.com published a piece relaying the frustration of Author Fonda Lee who noticed that certain authors occupied a lot of space on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, space that could be used, in her opinion, to promote other authors. I am paraphrasing her tweets there a bit. Continue reading

The Campaign for Styx to the Rock Hall- Part I: My Intro

I promised at the end of 2018, more specifically, when the 2019 inductees for the Rock Hall were announces, that I would be beginning in earnest my own campaign to have Styx considered in 2020 induction.

I hold to that promise and begin my campaign with a simple introduction of my strategy to lay out Styx’s credentials to be considered for the Rock Hall- in line with the Hall’s own published guidelines, located online at: https://www.rockhall.com/inductees/induction-process Continue reading

In Which I Discuss the Second Godzilla Trailer…

The second Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer has dropped.

This trailer gives us some addition information, not all of it good. Continue reading

Pacific Rim: Uprising, a Review

Just watched Pacific Rim: Uprising. The twists are competent, and the physics respected (enough). It’s not the first movie, but it’s also not fair to ask it to be the first movie.

(Minor Spoilers)

Continue reading