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author, publisher and creator bob nelson drinking coffeeBob Nelson is a long time organizer and writer. In 1994, he co-founded the Essenzaslam Poetry Slam in Mesa, AZ. Also in 1994, he co-founded Anthology magazine with J.A. Giunta, a publication that would run for 10 years. in 1999, he founded the Spokenworld Show, 2001 created the literary nonprofit Anthology, Inc. and in 2002 he opened The Anthology Cafe.

In 2006, Bob founded Brick Cave Media, producing Bill Campana’s epic box set, The Hit List.

in 2010, Bob directed a full length feature film, Sacrifice. In 2012, he added Brick Cave Films, Brick Cave Books and Brick Cave Audio to Brick Cave Media.

In 2014, Bob founded The Uninformed Tech Guy podcast.

In 2016, he founded the Cirque du Livre Writer’s Conference

In 2017, he founded the Mesa Book festival.

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