There are some books… enjoy them:

The Stories of Haven: I

A collection of action packed fast paced sci-fi comic plots written as short stories from the likes of Sharon Skinner (The Healer’s Legacy, Collars and Curses, The Nelig Stones), J.A. Giunta (The Last Incarnation, War Golem, Knights of Virtue), Bob Nelson (The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker) and Nick Ozment (Smoke the Dragon: A Novel of Knight Terrors). Published by Brick Cave Media.


Futurewords: A Brick Cave Anthology
Anthology containing the story Outpost
After a hard fought battle, the crew of the Jolly Jo look for refuge at a neutral Outpost. What they find could change the whole Human-Proximan equation. Published by Brick Cave Media.
The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The New World book cover Tavara Tinker: The New World
Tavara and Johnathan must pursue a faceless enemy across an ocean in order to stop the owners of the Black Airship before they ignite a war that will engulf the world. Johnathan is forced to confront his unpleasant past while Tavara is faced with the threat of losing someone she holds dear. Published by Brick Cave Media.
Tavara Tinker: LeTour de Paris
Tavara Tinker leads a double life. By day, a proper Victorian lady. By night, deep in the heart of industrial London, she maintains a research laboratory and a steam-powered factory where she creates the clothes and weapons for a new generation of adventurer. Published by Brick Cave Media.
Tavara Tinker: The Sounds of Time
Faced with a threat half a world away, Tavara finds herself confronting an adversary that has even gotten the attention of Queen Victoria. Tavara must race against the Black Airship to save the lives of countless innocent people… and Johnathan as well. Published by Brick Cave Media.
Bob Nelson rips open himself and collects the pieces in his first dedicated ebook collection. Since 1994 he has organized the Mesa Poetry Slam, and his poetry reflects the spectrum of people and events that he has witnessed. Out of Print.

A series of eBook Chapbooks released in 2010-2011. All are out of print currently.