Bob’s Manuscript Update: June 2022

Hi all,

Thought I would hit you with a writing update. I am 62,400 words into the new manuscript. The Memorial Day Holiday afforded me a great opportunity to punch out a TON of words, and cover some story parts I was a little lost in.

I am almost ready to start spilling some beans on the story- it has been a great journey in creating these characters and the world they exist in.

At this rate, I should have the first draft done by the end of June, then I’ll turn it over to the trusty editor to shred it up a little for me to put back together. As I tend to “write fast”, I know there will be some places where I can go back and spend a little time, adding some depth and world building to the frame of the book.

Once that is done, I may even pop a little tidbit here on the blog for you to taste (just don’t tell my Brick Cave boss… oh wait).

Other writing projects

There are a couple shorts I had placed out there- Titan Resolute, the story i had put together for the ill fated Brick Cave Film Festival, opened a door to a whole new set of Characters I can’t seem to get out of the head. So I would imagine I’ll be popping them back to the front of the line sometime soon. If you missed TR when it was out in 2019, do not worry, it is in the folder for the second Futurewords collection later this year.

Outpost, a story from the first Futurewords collection by Brick Cave, has a super interesting story behind it. That is a prequel to a novel I was working on as far back as 1990, called The Ultimate Game. THAT manuscript is all over the map in scribbles and looseleaf pages, but I am committed to bring those elements together and molding that into a book for 2023-2024.

Sacrifice movie posterAnd then, there is the long quiet “manuscript” treatment I did originally for the Sacrifice movie we shot in 2008. There were so many elements I could put in the page that we could not do to the stage- I am working on getting that pulled together for later this year as well.

I do have some other projects, but I’ll save those for next blog. Later, All!

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