Happy Book Lovers Day (Yesterday)

Hey there, intrepid reader!

Yeah, yesterday was Book Lovers Day, I actually spent most of the night before preparing a social campaign for Brick Cave to promote the day, so I did not get a chance to do anything here, or even on my own socials.

I do have writing updates for you though…

With a working title right now of Twelve Tomes: The Beginning of the End, the new manuscript is off for a developmental edit. I have not doubt that will result in some intensive secondary work- although, it is not the first edit it has gone though, so I am anticipating most of the work happening in the last third of the book.

It’s clocking in a JUST OVER 100,000 words at the moment, I am guessing based on the remaining changes the +/- should stay right in that neighborhood. No cover work as yet, that will most likely start after I have the marching orders from this edit, so I can get a better timeline to bring the pieces together.

In the meantime, while I wait for that to come back to me….

There will be the second Futurewords collection, which will have Titan Resolute, the short story originally contributed to the 2018 Brick Cave Film Festival idea that we were working on. I really loved that premise, more than I thought I would, so expect to see more from that universe in the future.

Speaking of Futurewords, in the first Futurewords book was a story called Outpost. That story was significant (to me) because it was revisiting the world I had originally created in 1991 with he very first manuscript I worked on, working title Ultimate Game. That manuscript ended up being split up and written across a bunch of different pre-electronic medium, some notepads, a couple blank books, a bunch of loose pages. But the story still hangs in the back of my mind, and I have been looking to see just how many of the pieces I still have, and if I can fill in the missing parts.

Those, are stories for future blog posts. For now, Happy belated Book Lovers Day! may you have the reads you need to move your mind forward :).

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