Godzilla Minus One

Ok, so I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that this was on my radar. I mean, it is a Godzilla movie after all.

It has been a hot minute since Shin Godzilla, and while the “MonsterVerse” movies have been fine, it is time for a Godzilla movie from Japan.

What I know, which isn’t much, is that Toho has said this is a movie inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe to create a universe of it’s own- which is a bit Ironic as this is ground Toho already established in the 60’s with Rodan and Mothra effectively forming the first “universe” after the initial Godzilla movie in 1954. But eh, whatevs.

Plot deets are thin- postwar Japan, separate from the rest of Godzillology, and he’s stomping. So, do we really need anything else?

I think not. See you December 1, big G.

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