I Challenged Myself to a Story a Month

While I work on getting the Twelve Tomes manuscript through edits, I wanted to stay writing.

So I challenged myself in September. I wanted to write 12 stories, in as many months, and just keep things moving in my writing brain.

I mixed up a bunch of ideas, and thew them into OneNote, my current storytelling organizer, and cracked on the first story. Wrapped it up last weekend, which was great. It also came in at twice the work count I had been targeting, 12,000 versus my target of 6k, but it was an intriguing universe to dip into.

It is Sci Fi, titled The Haul, two unlikely companion get stuck together on a dangerous mission. Satisfying write, looking forward to getting that into the world.

Next up will be a comedy- I made sure to give myself the freedom that none of the stories had to exist in the same universe, reality or any other such thing. That one should be a quick write over a weekend.

If you are looking for the opportunity to read these creations, I will be making them available exclusively to Brick Cave Book Club Members. So look for them to start appearing on the site in the coming months.

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