Happy Tavara Tinker Day!

Today is a special day indeed! It’s the celebration of the start of The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker series.

Let me just say, I LOVE writing Tavara Tinker. She is just one of the best Characters I think I could have ever had the pleasure to bring to page, I very much have an admitted character crush.

I, of course, co-write the Steampunk series with the far more talented Sharon Skinner, which I am fortunate to have as a partner in this endeavor. You can see Sharon’s amazing work shine in the conversation with Queen Elizabeth on Sounds of Time– just a great piece of work, if I may say so myself.

The first story, from 2014, LeTour de Paris (Amazon link here) was really almost a character study, and the others just rolled on from there. The stories are available at Kindle editions on Amazon, and eBooks elsewhere. There are now 3, the Sounds of Time (2015) and The New World (2021) following. All of which are also available as Audio Books narrated by the absolutely amazing Melanie Fraser, I just could not see anyone else bringing Tavara and her gang to life like that.

The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The New World book coverOk, so while we enjoy some fine French pastries and figure out just what Sasha is up to now, here are some great things to check out about the stories, and the great people I have had help bring them to life.

  • Here’s an interview Brick Cave did with Melanie for the release of The New World: Click Here.
  • The Full Series on Amazon.

But Really, what’s next?

By the time to read this blog post, writing on TT4 will be underway. It will be the last of this arc of short stories, as honestly, I REALLY want a full Tavara Tinker novel sooner rather than later. TT4 will be a 2024 release, and I am going to try super hard to get a full length Tavara Tinker novel in the works for 2025.

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