July 2022, Stuff!

Apparently I should put some pictures into my blog, it seems a little text-centric in here…So I give you…

Mountain Mike’s Pizza, if for no reason other than I have lunch there yesterday.

OK, so what’s up?

The manuscript is getting the tar kicked out of it in first round edits- as expected. I mean it was first draft after all. So that is happening.

New film! I am partnering again with Johnny Skinner (Sum of Its Parts) on a couple new projects. One, called Call Me Creative, is a documentary on creatives and the creative process. Watch the Brick Cave page for project updates. It’s going to be a great project. Speaking of Sum…

You can watch it now! It’s taken me awhile to get this done, I had hoped to have the film jump out on some networks and in the end I decided it was just time to get it out.

There is a bunch more to share, but I need to catch up on my Strange New Worlds, so it will have to wait.

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