It’s Tavara Tinker Time!

The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker: The New World book coverThis one is a bit in coming! The third story in The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker series is FINALLY out. The New World is a great story that Sharon and I wanted to tell, and we think you’ll enjoy it as well. As implied, our ragtag team travels to 1880’s New York, steampunk style, in pursuit of their quarry.

Little bit of a relationship twist on this we well. And if you loved Clatheos and Sasha, you get more of them this time around as well.

Officially, the blurb is…

Tavara and Johnathan must pursue a faceless enemy across an ocean in order to stop the owners of the Black Airship before they ignite a war that will engulf the world. Johnathan is forced to confront his unpleasant past while Tavara is faced with the threat of losing someone she holds dear. The third story in the Chronicles of Tavara Tinker follows our heroes through an alternate historical steampunk reality, thrusting them into a world of shadowy intrigue and pitting them against a dangerous foe bent on destruction.

A Brick Cave Discord Chat

Stay tuned to Brick Cave as they will be announcing a Brick Cave Discord Chat with Sharon and myself for Thursday, August 19 at 7pm Pacific Time. Our discords are never anything short of entertaining, and you know we’ll get Joe Giunta on tap as well as his meme game is second to none.

How can you get it?

Or any of the Tavara Tinker works, for that matter?

Amazon will be the first to have it and I’ll update the post with links as they go live.

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