Need Books? Bob’s Last Minute Christmas Post

It’s December 18, and you are thinking to yourself, “Self, I probably should start pulling together some Christmas gifts.”

No worries, I have you.

First off, you’re going to buy books. And maybe you even want to buy Brick Cave Books, the publishing company I run. Nothing digital here, just books. Books are the ultimate gift- they cover every subject. Got someone that likes wrestling? Book. Beekeeping? Book. Arguing on Facebook? Book. ¬†You see my point here.

But where to get these fantastic books? You may already have a favorite local bookstore- start there. Additionally, a lot of coffee shops and other retailers have selections of books, sometime focused on local authors. Even better. Still a bit lost?, the official American Booksellers Association promotional site, has you. Drop in your zip code, and look for the correct choice, put on your book buying pants and head out.

Need something online. You COULD got to the swishy orange “A” guy, orrrrrrrrr You could hit up, it’s sort of like the Indies gathered together selling under one banner thing. There’s more to that story I can tell another time, just know you can support indie book stores via that site. In checking that site tonite (the 17th) it looks like they can still get you books in time. Big swishy “A” guy is also still saying they can get you books before the big day as well. But grabbing the title in your hand, inside the store, is the single best way to make sure you get it and have it.

Now, recommendations?

Locally (Phoenix East Valley)- go to Bookmaze, in Mesa. They have been working diligently to expand their local author relationships this year, so they have a great selection of locally written work. Brick Cave Books in stock. Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale has also been very kind to indie local authors. Not as sure if they have Brick Cave Books in stock (they might- would be worth a call first- and they can order).

Looking online for Brick Cave Books? Well… has a Brick Cave Shop, with all of our titles together.
Big swishy “A” guy does as well.

You can also, in the case of Brick Cave, buy direct, just make sure you do it fast for the best chance to get all your books on time. Full disclosure, I am the fulfillment guy, and I am laying low right now after a very busy 2023 Mesa Book Festival, which I also run- I’m not particularly bright at the work-life balance thing. I will do my best to get that book out the door to you ASAP.

Regardless of whether it is a Brick cave Book or not, books this year are your best chance to find something that fits everyone on your list and connects you to their passions.


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